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#SettUpForSocial: How growing your network changes your LinkedIn™ newsfeed

Updated: Feb 13

What happens to your LinkedIn™ newsfeed when you follow or connect with a new person? Quite a bit as it happens, but many people don't realise how it works.

When you connect or follow new people, LinkedIn™ throws a bunch of their recent activity into your feed for you to consume.

They could be things from the last day or so, or from weeks before, but shown they will be!

Here’s the thing to remember: If you’re seeing their stuff in your feed, new connections and followers you pick up are seeing your activity appear in theirs in the same way.

Why does this matter to you?:

  1. Being active- posting, commenting, etc. - gives you the best chance of being more relevant and present in people’s minds, even if you’re not on their radar at the time of posting.

  2. It shows that the lifespan of a LinkedIn™ post isn’t limited to the few hours after you post it – content impressions continue to build momentum for some time.

  3. It should focus your mind on the signal your cumulative activity sends. Across posts, commenting and reactions, are you consistent in your areas of focus, your positions on certain topics, your tone, etc.?

Very few people are thinking about this third point, because they aren’t aware of how the platform behaves.

But if this is news to you, now you can go and do something about it!


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