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#SettUpForSocial: Getting value from your LinkedIn™ feed is on you

Updated: Feb 13

Admit it, if you’re a casual LinkedIn™ user you’ve probably thought this at some point.

There seems to be a small army of people sharing personal updates, sometimes apologising for doing so, with almost as many people complaining that LinkedIn™, “Is meant to be a professional network”, etc.

If you’re someone who scans their feed regularly but rarely interacts beyond a ‘like’, chances are you are not getting as much value from your feed as you could be.

You’re also probably seeing:

- Lots of posts copying others (sometimes verbatim) that lazily trawl for engagement

- Excruciatingly long posts made up of single line, spaced out paragraphs

- Re-shared/re-posted company posts

- The latest feature or format of post being overused to death

In short, you’re not going to see a lot of things happening on LinkedIn™ that are going to help convince you that it’s worth spending more time here.

The problem with this is, especially if you are a business leader, that you’re missing out on the chance to build relationships, develop your reputation, and use LinkedIn™ to help you achieve your personal, professional objectives.

The good news is, the more engaged you are with LinkedIn™, and the more you contribute, the more relevant your feed can become. And if you do this consistently, and stick at it over time, you will start to realise the real-world benefits of using this platform with intent.

So, ask not what your LinkedIn™ feed can do for you - ask what you can do for your LinkedIn feed.


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