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Thinking about Newsjacking on social media? Read this first...

Updated: Apr 4

A series of people in the style of Wes Anderson movie characters, Newsjacking  on LinkedIn
What's it like when you ignore newsjacking on LinkedIn™?

How much of your personal, professional content should be based on news stories? Not the, “I’m humbled to be able to announce…” type of news, or the hot takes that stretch credibility beyond breaking point, but the meaningful-stuff-happening-in-the-business-world kind of stories.

Well, as is always the way with these things, it depends on how relevant a story is to you, your area of expertise, interests, or the values you hold.

Unless you’re a journalist, it’s highly unlikely that you will be the one to ‘break’ a news story on a platform like LinkedIn. So, if something relevant does crop up and you feel like sharing it, you can offer much more value by setting some context around the story. Newsjacking on social media is pretty commonplace, but what I'm talking about here is adding meaningful value to your audience, not chasing headlines.

Anyone can copy and paste a link, then hit ‘post’, but remarkably few people are using their experience and expertise to shine a slightly different light on them.

Discussing these stories can be a useful way of showing you know what you’re talking about. Compare that to a feed of someone endlessly repeating company updates and ask yourself which you find more compelling.

The next time you see a story and you want to share it, pause for a second and think about what you can add.

🦡 Do you have an informed opinion on the implications of the story for your market, industry, or business?

🦡 Do you know any of the players involved that might enable you to share more specific insight into what’s happening?

🦡 Does the story appear to be missing the point, based on your experience and expertise?

🦡 Have you read what is already being said by others, and do you have a constructive counterargument you could make against those comments?

🦡 Is this yet more evidence of a wider trend that others aren’t really highlighting?

There are many other useful distinctive ways you could contribute to the discussion, so make yours count!

BTW: I asked Midjourney multiple times for an image of someone who ignores the news. Note the lack of diversity on show and its apparent fascination for big hair. Clearly, it still needs work!


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