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An honest explanation of my writing

I do a lot of writing for others, especially on LinkedIn, and I've written more words than I care to remember - press releases, by-lined articles, opinion pieces, case studies, etc. - throughout my career.

I don't sell myself as a standalone writer, but clients often ask me to get involved with broader writing projects once we've started working together on social projects.

So, rather than wrapping editorial into my core services, I prefer to think of it as a latent proposition that clients tap into on an ad-hoc basis.  

How's that for transparency?

Editorial on the side: Services
River Dam

Sett Write

Why the dam picture? Let me explain...

I've tackled a lot of technical subjects in my time as a writer, some of which are more obscure/niche than others.

But the crowning glory was when I snagged the cover feature of International Water Power & Dam Construction magazine for an engineering software client in the early noughties.

Did I know anything about the industry or its engineering content management requirements before writing about it? No. But the resulting piece was good enough to bump the editor's planned piece off the cover, and I'll take that!

My point in telling that story here is simply to illustrate that with your industry knowledge and expertise in the brief, I can create compelling editorial to bring you closer to your key audiences one piece at a time.

From ad-hoc engagements to retained support, if you need help with your editorial content creation, hit the button below to arrange a chat.

You can also get a feel for my style by checking out and following me on LinkedIn: 

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